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The Architects Newspaper EDG Modern Ornamental 3D Printing

The Architect’s Newspaper showcases EDG’s research into “Modern Ornamental,” a new 3D print technology for digital sculpture. Author Jamie Ferello highlighted the history of EDG’s technical experimentation and future applications for the technologies.

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About Modern Ornamental: In the past decade, the relationship between technology and craft has seen a significant reversal. Once considered antithetical, or even antagonistic, technology has entered into a surprising symbiosis with craft. Rather than bracing for obsolescence, artists and artisans across creative fields are embracing digital tools as the new medium for human expression. This 3D print process ultimately gives the impression of a creative “hand” still at work, even if aided by machines.

Armed with prodigious expertise in software (and developing EDG’s own programming,) our team came up with creative solutions to bridge technology and craft: Modern Ornamental: a new 3D print form of digital sculpture. Utilizing rendering software widely available (like 3DSMax and Rhino) coupled with algorithmic modeling programs, renderings are transformed into printable objects. This process will not only usher in the forgotten craft of the “hand” into the modern age, but also democratize the process of design, allowing practitioners from divergent fields to execute what was previously unimaginable.

Modern Ornamental 3D Print Facade Design EDG

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