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EDG is a technology-driven firm, always striving to be more efficient. We leverage the power of software and equipment, which sets us apart from other design firms. It allows us to deliver a higher quality product in less time, at an industry-competitive price.

An Honest Look At Affordable Housing In NYC

What is life really like in NYC’s affordable housing developments? Photographer David Schalliol documents residents in 32 communities.

NYC property values surpass $1 trillion

As the total value of properties in the five boroughs exceeds $1 trillion, Brooklyn leads the pack with a 16% increase.

Jersey City development boom reaching new heights

Jersey City is poised to become the largest city in the state with an expected population increase of 8,000 in 2016.

NYC skyscrapers: Tallest buildings that will change NYC’s skyline

From the Financial District to Central Park, the competition for the tallest building title is transforming Manhattan’s skyline.

Tiny Home Test Drive

New York Times reporter Penelope Green spends a night in Manhattan’s new micro apartment building, Carmel Place.

Facade of 20-story Greenwich Village apartment building comes loose, forcing officials to brace building

Firefighters respond to the scene as a large section of brick façade begins to separate from a Greenwich Village apartment building.

42 Star Projects Transforming Architecture in New York City

World-renowned “starchitects” showcase their talents with innovative and eye-catching building designs found across New York City’s skyline.

Skyscraper at Trade Center Rises From the Inside Out

Composite structures are revisited as 3 World Trade Center features a rare construction technique for office towers.